Market Your New Website To The Masses

Having a great website is only the beginning. Once that site is up on the web you need to drive traffic to the site, your services, and your products. Sunpoint Xpress can help you with all aspects of marketing your business with little to no work or worry on your part.

Social Media
In early 2015, the number of worldwide social media users grew to exceed 2 billion, and with no indications of slowing down. Allow our experts to help you make use of these staggering numbers as a marketing tool. Every business needs a presence on social media, but the key is using it effectively – let us show you how.

Business Listings
Online business listings have a variety of benefits, chief among them giving potential customers a credible place like Manta or Angie’s List to find your business. Additionally, these online business listings can improve SEO and help your business come up more in searches. We can help you create business listings for your company and let potential customers find you!

Email Marketing
Stay in touch with clients, increase traffic, and more. There is a commonality among each of your clients – past, present, and future. They’re all in their email inbox every day. Keep in touch with them, promote specials & increase traffic to your site with a professional company newsletter with our help.

Google Advertising
Google Advertising is a highly effective and specifically targeted Internet advertising tool. Google Ads allow you to execute a very precise campaign which ensures that people both in the geographic area you want to target, and who are interested in your services, are exclusively viewing your ads. These ads appear at the top of the Google searches for specifically targeted people, you also only pay for results.

Facebook Advertising
With over 1.5 billion currently active users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world by far. This may seem like an overwhelming number of people for a small business to target for advertising but Facebook Ads offer a low-cost opportunity to build a great presence. You can also track the ads and the success they generate.

For a modern business, a blog can be an invaluable asset. Some may think that a blog can only serve to keep people updated on the latest in your business and your industry at large. While this is one of the big benefits of maintaining a blog, it’s far from the only one. An interesting story on your blog can make the rounds on social media or a link to a reputable site can increase SEO, too.