How It Works

Talk To One Of Our Marketing Representatives
The first step is all yours. Reach out via email or the contact us page on this website. A brief meeting will be set up with a member of our marketing staff. The call and the consultation is 100% FREE. You will speak to us about your business, your products and services, and your goals. This call is all about how we can help you make more money.

Sign Up With Sunpoint Xpress
If you like what you hear we can get you on your way to a great website that day. We accept all major credit cards and signing up is simple. Within an hour you will receive a receipt and an email from the production person supervising the construction of your website.

The Production Meeting
You will spend a few minutes on the phone with the person who will be working with you to create your new website. They will help you select a design, go over color ideas, select the correct pages, and talk about the text and photos and how to send them to us.

Approve The Design And Launch
You will receive a test website link to review. This site will be based on the meetings you had with our marketing and production staff. You then take a day or two to look it over and we will make the minor changes necessary to launch your new website. We do nothing until you say “Go!”. Once you launch, we will provide you with the info you need to edit and manage your website.

Once The Site Is Live And On The Web
We set up a meeting with a marketing representative to get your feedback on both the site and the process. Also at that time we can go over all of our options relative to helping you get the site seen and making you money. The day the site goes live we begin to host, secure, and continuously upgrade it.

We launched Sunpoint Xpress because we believe that building a custom website that makes its owner money should be both easy and affordable. We feel strongly that the process of creating the site should be simple, fun, and fast.

We have visited thousands of sites produced by artists and programmers. Because technical and creative people are often terrible at marketing, having one or the other in charge always created the same web outcome…sites that looked and worked great but that did little to produce business.

The so-called “Free” or “Do It Yourself” websites built by small business owners themselves were often even worse than the sites created by coders and programmers.

The SUNPOINT XPRESS SOLUTION is simple. We put people in charge who know how to make your business money. Then we have great coders and designers do the part they do best. Once launched, our sites are easy for you to update on your own or by us.

You will have a team of experts working with you. You will have Americans that you will speak to on the phone and can call or email. Forget about the frustration of dealing with artists and techies. Finally end the mind numbing experience of attempting to build your own website.

Once completed, your website receives quality hosting, site security, and monthly upgrades that keep your site and emails running smoothly and safely. You will also have the ability to partner with us to drive traffic to your website and money to your bank account.

Sunpoint Xpress is your one stop shop for all your website and Internet marketing needs. We also offer offline marketing such as print materials, press releases, gift cards, and dozens of other services designed to increase your revenues.


You have nothing to lose. Just reach out to us for a short phone meeting and see how easy it is to have a great website that looks awesome, works perfectly, and most importantly…makes you money.

The site evaluation and telephone meeting are 100% FREE.