Host, Maintain, And Secure Your Website

Having a great website is only the beginning. Once that site is up on the web you have to upgrade it easily while safely hosting it. Sunpoint Xpress will take great care of your new website, keeping it safe, secure, and updated with no effort or worrying on your part whatsoever.

Keep Your Website Properly Hosted
Hosting a website is similar to parking a car in a paid parking lot. Hosting is simply the place where you park your website. This used to be a simple thing to safely do. So easy in fact that billions of websites went up and more sites unfortunately meant more web criminals or hackers. Hosting a site today has to be directly tied into both securing and easily maintaining that site.

Keep Your Website Safe
Having a high level of security is vital to protect your website and your emails from Internet criminals or hackers. We are not talking about the type of hacker that breaks into the Pentagon’s web servers. We mean the type of hacker who corrupts your site’s files to embed spam codes, destroying your site and jeopardizing personal information like your emails and credit card information.

Keep Your Website Updated
Maintaining a website today is vital to your site’s success on the web. With the advancement of the web, you must update your site and the plug-ins installed regularly. Doing so will help ensure that your site works properly in all browsers, functions correctly with new software, and remains secure from hackers. A new update is released every month or so with new features, security, and user management tools.