What sort of website can I get for just $599?

A real website made in America by real people. A marketing expert will supervise the process, the site will be written by a great writer, custom designed by a professional and creative graphic artist, and built by an experienced web coder. You will also receive up to ten email accounts branded to your business and a domain name that you 100% own. Again, you will receive a real website with your own domain name. It’s your website, you have full control.

Is the site easy to update on my own?

Yes! Your new website will be a simple-to-operate finished product that will allow you to easily modify the site on your own. You can edit or delete pages at any time. You can add photos to your galleries and products to your shopping cart. You can change your hours, add a phone number or list a new address with ease.

How long does it take to create my new website?

After we have all of your materials, we’ll design and launch your new site in about two weeks. This is a simple process that will require very little of your time after the initial twenty minute phone call.

Is it a problem if I already have my domain name?

No. This is both not a problem and very common. When the site is ready to go live, we’ll launch it on your current domain name so that you don’t have to change it.

Does Sunpoint Xpress create ecommerce websites with online stores?

Yes, for an additional cost. We would need to know how many products you have, what types of products, and how you want to ship them, but our carts and shipping modules are both simple to add and easy to update.

How do I get started?

Your first step is to contact us and speak to a marketing representative. Notice we didn’t say to speak to a graphic artist or web coder. Your new site is being built to make you money. It’s all about creating visits and paying customers. With that said, at Sunpoint Xpress your first contact is someone who wants to know your business. Anyone can build a website; building one that makes you money is a different story.

Setting up a time to speak to an actual live person is easy. You can fill out the form on our contact us page or shoot us an email. We will then set up an appointment time that is convenient for you.

Can you help me with Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, we specialize in getting people to visit your site. This is done through a variety of SEO methods but we don’t stop there. Of course we implement the necessary keywords and site descriptions. We can take things to the next level as there are multiple ways to attract people to your website.

After the $599 do I have to keep paying for website?

No, you own the website. It is your website. What you do have to pay monthly is the hosting, security, and upgrading of the site.

Can you explain how hosting, security, and upgrading a website works?

Sure. A website is like a car which has to be parked in a parking lot. This is what hosting is. For years people just bought a car (a website) and parked it. However as the skills of Internet hackers advanced it became clear that sites needed to be secured at a higher level. This is done to protect your website and you and your customers. Finally the web has advanced to a point where, like your computer, smart TV and your phone, upgrades are available on a regular basis.

These upgrades are to your website what changing the oil and tires is to your car. And in the same way these upgrades will cause the site to last longer, operate more efficiently, and perform better on the information superhighway.

As marketers we know how important it is for your site to function properly…we consider hosting, security, and upgrading the site to be as important as building the site itself.

How are you able to do this for such a low price?

This is a good question as most folks we speak to have been quoted prices for a new site in the thousands of dollars. Our approach is unlike other web companies. We consider the building of the site to be the engagement…not the wedding. We strive to build you a site you love so much that you will ask us to do more work for you. Most people we work with want marketing help.

What else can you do to help my business succeed?

A lot. We are considered experts in email marketing, Google and Facebook ad campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, print and logo design, social media and blogging. All of our marketing plans and packages allow you to walk away anytime you wish. Unlike most Internet marketing companies, we put our money where our mouths are. If you don’t like the results, just say “Stop”. It’s that easy.

What is the Sunpoint Xpress difference?

For starters, we are going to build you a site that begins with the idea that you are trying to make more money. This is accomplished by simply placing the site into the hands of a sales/marketing person as opposed to a creative or techie person. We have great artists and awesome programmers, but they do not quarterback the projects. People who know how to make you money do.

Our sites build value, credibility, and showcase your unique value proposition. Finally our marketing copywriters drive people to your point of purchase. Most web coders and graphic artists don’t even know the meaning of the phrases above, let alone have a clue how to execute them.

We have found that web coders and designers know how to bake pies but not how to sell pies. Your business doesn’t succeed when you turn on the oven; your business succeeds when a customer buys the pie!

Why should I choose Sunpoint Xpress to build my website?

Well, for all the reasons we listed above. Beyond this, we will make this process easy. We know how busy you are. We understand that you want a new site but don’t want to get drawn into a long process. With that said we will make this fast as well. Building your site should be fun. We will create a new site for you in two weeks from the day we receive your materials. We will do all the work for you.

Our approach is both affordable and easy. Speak to our marketing representative for a few minutes, its absolutely FREE. If you want to move forward, you will speak to a production supervisor who will help you gather your photos and text, select a design direction, and then we’ll do all the rest.

Any additional questions or concerns?

Shoot us an email at info@sunpointxpress.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.